Prism Dice
Written by Frank J. Perricone
copyright © 2001-3, all rights reserved; free to use and distribute (unmodified, not for profit)

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Prism Dice is a versatile, configurable dice program for use while playing Prism or any other roleplaying game.  Rather than locking you into one person's idea of what dice should be available and how they should be arranged, Prism Dice gives you a page of eight buttons to set up as any kind of dice you can think of.  If that's not enough, create as many more pages as you need.  Prism Dice supports the dice used in almost every roleplaying game: roll any number of any size of any type of dice, and modify dice and totals with adders and multipliers.

Roll standard, open-ended, FUDGE, Ars Magica (quality and stress), Champions damage (stunning and killing), averaging, series count, divided, count under or over, total under or over, total highest or lowest, and other types of dice.  A dice wizard automatically configures buttons for common types of rolls like Rolemaster, GURPS, FUDGE, Prism, Trinity, Ars Magica, Champions, and AD&D.  There's even a nifty dice-rolling sound.

Prism Dice is free.  Permission is granted to use it anywhere, for any purpose, and to redistribute it to anyone, provided no for-profit fee is charged for it.  Source code may be shared upon request.  Prism Dice isn't public domain; I retain copyrights, just so I can retain credit for my own work.

For more details, see the help file.

Prism Dice isn't meant to replace those wonderful clanky bits of polycarbonate we all know and love.  But in some situations, a software dice roller is more convenient, so why not have both?


Prism Dice in use Configuring a die button

System Requirements

Works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.  The full installation package may not be required if you've installed another VB6 application with the same dependencies, but it's recommended you use the minimal package only to upgrade an older version of Prism Dice.

A Windows CE version is planned but will require an almost complete rewrite thanks to Microsoft making it harder than it needs to be to migrate from VB for Windows to VB for CE.

Technical Support

Please send questions, comments, bug reports, and suggestions to  I'd really like to hear from you if you're using this program; just email me to say hi.

Version History

  • v0.9.0: Public beta version
  • v1.0.1: Now tested on all current versions of Windows.  Added a rolls log that stores the last 1000 rolls (even when hidden).  Added Ars Magica and Champions dice types.  Updated help file and About box.
  • v1.1: Added Exalted dice; fixed some omissions in the help file.
  • v1.1.1: Fixed a small bug with divided dice.  Updated About information (but not yet help file).


Other places you can download Prism Dice, though not necessarily always the most current version: