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7/4/99-I updated my history 'cause it had typo's all throughout it, and it just needed some groovifying. ;)
6/23/99-Alright, you're getting even *more* pictures so be happy already! And uh....harass everyone in my pictures, excluding me, of the silly things they said! =)
6/18/99-It's 1 A.M. and so technically this fits on the 18th but anyway, I added some old pictures and stuff so...jump for joy I've added a feature *no one* else has...ok anyway..check it out please. It's rated R too. ;)
6/17/99-Someone call the newspapers and get the camera crews in here! Update! Whoo! I didn't update in the last 9 months because I uh..had a baby..yeah so...anyway look at links! They're updated! Ooohhh...ahhhh....praise me I know. More to come..like pictures. Ohh!

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