Joyous lil sketches I've taken during my time and all are real game play snapshots even. And some are from a bug but it's still real. =)

I didn't do it! I was framed! Get me outta here!

This is how he got to be well known. ;)

Oh the horror! The Centaurity! Won't someone do something?!

Big crowd we got here!

That's right you get to see me twice..and aren't I cute?

Oh I love a parade! Don't you?!

Me Rancor! Me strong!

A rare family photo op! Wow! And look at the crowd stare!


And we return from another successful Liche hunt! Yay!

Ok so there's no point here, but look at these people and remember them. =)

Hordas Hordas everywhere!

It's a tough world...even for those young Island Panthers!

Hmm...decisions, decisions..should I be a Thoom? Or maybe..a Thoom, yes!

Take that you lazy Sentinel!

Ahh! Ba'alzamon the NPC and more Ba'alzamon! Ahhh!

Evil bird! Away with you!

Never know what a lil extra time and being up too late can make you do...

Look at them old timers!

The infamous Greater Death sex scene! Ack!

What a scary town...wonder if they're related to our weapons dealer..

I'm horrified! It's just wrong! But I didn't hesitate to get the picture!

Ho hum..just another day in these here caves..

Look it's Falinea! Oh look...there's two...=)