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Olifant is a publication of the Socit Rencesvals American-Canadian Branch, hosted online since 2003 through MetaPress with back issues available on a site supported by Loyola University in Maryland.  Unfortunately, as of March 2015 MetaPress will cease to exist. Until a new host platform can be found, the recent, electronic issues are available in pdf format on this site (see below). To reach the archived issues, click here.

Issues Available on this Site:

  Volume Period/Special Issue Title
1 22.1-4 Spring 1998-Fall 2003  Proceedings of the Baltimore Conference "Romance Epic in the Americas", October 5-6, 2001
2 23.1 Spring/Summer 2004 Middle Dutch Adaptations of the Matire de France
3 23.2 Fall/Winter 2004
5 24.1 Spring/Summer 2005
6 24.2 Fall/Winter 2005
7 25.1-2 Acts of the Seventeenth International Congress of the Socit Rencesvals, Storrs, Connecticut, July 22-28, 2006
8 26.1 2007-2010
9 26.2 2011
Last updated on January 18, 2015