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Hello Web Surfers sure hope you have visited this web site before but if not please enjoy,


     Now repeat visitors you will notice I have really changed the web design, I set down the other night and all kinds of great ideas just started coming out. Sure Hope you enjoy the new look, I was going for a much less obtrusive mellow look and I think I have found it. BTW the new web is completely template based and should re-size and look good at any resolution.

      Included in this web you can find information on my favorite interest. The main page has a short overview of these and If you find one of these subjects interesting a more detailed page will expand on these (just follow the >> more information links.) Personally, I use this web site as my bookmarks page and hope other web users find these links useful as well.


Ham Radio


I got into Ham Radio back in the Mid 80's (N5XIH) mainly due to interest in RACES weather spotter organization. Ham Radio Operators are some of the nicest and well organized group of individuals you would ever want to meet. Come check out my Ham Radio Page, I have complied some favorite links on this subject.


>> more information

RC Airplanes

A Web page dedicated to this sport, come check it out. You will see some of my RC planes and of course more links and information about this AWESOME sport.

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Weather Information


I maintain a weather station on UIVIEW a TNC ham packet radio network, you can see live weather at my local from any where in the world that has internet by going to this link Current Weather. Now if you have ever lived in NE Oklahoma you will know that it's really a necessity to stay on top of the weather around here as we live in Tornado Alley and well I would prefer to have no surprises in our weather.


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