ARk Improvisational Theatre is renting 3000 sq. ft. of space on the Stoughton Rd. Service Rd. near A-1 Furniture and Farm and Fleet.  

     We are now looking for people who are interested in renting space for dance, yoga, classes, rehearsal.  The space is now wide open with two bathrooms.  The "store front" is highly visible from Stoughton Rd.with plenty of night time parking.  We hope to develope the space into three  (or more) areas depending on your needs; a dance studio, a "teaching" space (yoga, rehearsal, other classes), and a "black box" theatre space.  
    If you have other needs; band rehearsal, art space, gallery etc. , please let us know.  
    The goal is to provide more affordable space for teachers, performing companies, and  artists.  The further goal is to offer performing groups a comfortable, 99 seat theatre,  that will be very versatile; convertable from traditional, thrust, or in-the-round presentations at a rental rate much more affordable than the Bartell can offer thus allowing for lower budget and more experimental creative  performance projects.  The Theatre will be called "The  Tom Peterson Theatre" as a tribute to Tom for his work to provide affordable performance space at the "Brave Hearts Theatre".

If you have interests, ideas, suggestions e-mail me, Dennis@arkimprov .com