Just about any talk of improvisation refers to the work of Viola Spolin so this page begins with a quote from "The Mother of Improv".

"I do feel - I doubt whether I will be around for it - that the day will come when people will meet from everywhere to play the games to question: where am I? - who am I? - and what am I doing? - and so together all of us can seek and perhaps evoke the oracle and answer our questions."

Viola Spolin.......1972

Above is a quote from an interview with Viola Spolin from an interview on Public Radio. The full transcript can be heard on real audio by clicking the The voice playing machine

And here is a link to her book Buy the Book Today! 

 Here is my attempt to help you get acquainted with improvisation or become a better improvisor.
The information on these pages has been developed and improvised over 30 years of teaching, directing and working with improvisation.  What follows has been stolen from nearly everyone who has written or worked in actors training and improvisation.
If you want to know more about who I am you might want to jump another page to find out more.

Who am I??
So - what follows is the simplest outline or guide developed through my years of teaching.  I hope it can be of value for those wanting to start an improv group, for improv groups to incorporate into their work, for teachers who want to introduce improvisation into their school or classroom, or for anyone that is just "plain old" curious about the journey into the intuitive kindly known to us as "IMPROVISATION"

 S0 Here We Go
Just start with slate board link one and enjoy the journey.

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