Join us on  Friday's  at the Liquid Lyric Lounge - 614 South Park St.  (across from  La Hacienda Restaurant) 

  9:OO P.M.

$2 admission

Info  256-0642


The Company that brought you the 


Live Improv Comedy - Sketches - Music - from your suggestions!


What we need from you now.....
You'll hear that a lot when you see us.  We work off of your suggestions.  So we'd like you to e-mail us any of your suggestions for the following things we need.
1) A philosophical question
2) A reason for breaking up
3) A social "no-no" or annoyance
4)A deep dark secret
So we would like you to e-mail us any sugeestions you have so we can use them in the show.  Just click on the address below , list the number and your suggestion.

Thanks for your input. So just put "Send it" to go to the email address.