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Hi. Here are some of the messages I have recieved via e-mail since I bagan working on this page. About two years ago.


Your web page is very intertaining and enlightening. I am the president elect of FATE, the Florida Assn of Theatre Education and we are holding our annual conference here in Orlando this October. Paul Sills will be our featured artist/educator along with Chris Vine from the Creative Arts Team out of NYU. I too have been trained in the Spoilin method and have worked with John Hodgeson in England. If you would care to submit an article for our newsletter or perhaps attend, please let me know. Again, I enjoyed this stop on the internet.


As a volunteer, unexperienced drama nut, I have been surfing the net to find any info that might help me understand this thing called "Theatre Crafts"

Being a mum with two kids, I have offered to 'play' with the children in each of Tristan and Emily's classrooms using their one hour drama slot each week.

My partner, Nick and I have attempted amatuer theatre in our outback town of Karratha. We are 1,800 kms from a capital city. Once you direct and produce a couple of plays with 100 kids in them, everyone thinks you are an expert. Or is it that we are the only lunies to give it a go, and the other lunies think we know what we are doing. We keep telling them we've never done anything like this before and they just keep talking to us as if we do know more than we are letting on.

I have a feeling we are improvising in real life. So Improvising is what I thought I would help children understand. While I am teaching myself. Simultaneously!!

I will use the info on your web site for a 5 x 1hr holiday activity I have been invited to run over 9th, 10th, 13th, 14th and 15th of July, 1998.

I have visited Cathy Clarke's site which lists Improv Games and Zot's List of Improv Games. They give fun games to play. Combined with your site which actually tells me why we play those games I should make it through this next advenure of playing the part of Holiday Drama Teacher!

Thanks for the info. I'll let you know how it goes!


Allright I did it. I read the tutorial and although wiser, I have yet to become rich with improv. Of course, I have only attempted it in the safety of my bathroom. I am a psychologist, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, bagga, bagga, bagga... and teach humor skills to the masses. My recently released book is entitled "Humor, Play and Laughter: Stress-proofing life with your Kids". There is a catch, however, I personally have ( Dare I say it) not studied stand-up or improv. I admire the art and skill of improv and my friends refer to me as funny. I won't expound on the context of their remarks. So Swami , other than not quitting my day job, what should I do? Telephonic training with you seems unlikely as does weekly communting, What else is there?

Desperately Seeking Improv


This sounds interesting. How does it work? Could you please send me more information?


I'm brazilian, 33, graduated in psichology and professional actor. I also work for the government. My next vacation will be in june-july. I have 30 days free. I'd like to use this time doing some workshop. My basic interests are: Stanislaviski, Spolin and clown. Could you tell me where I find this information? I'd appreciate your help. Thanks.


I recently joined the Miami University's improvisational comedy troupe, the Tower Players. I've learned a lot from them about the 'what' and the 'how', but I'm still having problems. I visited your page and I indeed felt inspired to write, mostly to say thanks for caring enough to put some help on the web. I appreciate it. Any other useful tips would be nice. Thanks a lot.


Just dropping a line to wish you HUUUUUUGE success on this venture.

You are the most prolific, and flat out talented teacher I have ever encountered. I have some pretty big things opening up for me now, and non of them would have been possible without what I learned from a very wise man, at a sacred place, that is now a laundrymat.

(I still STARE at it in disbelief, wishing for when I was 18)


Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU! Mr. Kern,

Thank you for your extensive and informative site! I am a beginning beginning acting teacher and I found your site while on a search for "Viola Spolin." The information I found on your site, particularly the Real Audio presentation of Ms. Spolin's public radio piece, will be a great help in planning for the Acting I class I am assisting with at Humboldt State University (Arcata, CA) and the course I am preparing for a local G.A.T.E. program (Gifted and Talented Education).

Thank you again for your help!


I am a Senior at Wheaton College in Chicago and I am interested in the local workshops you give in Madison. I would like to go into Improv and would just like to become a better performer. Can you email me some info. about upcoming workshops? Thanks a bunch.


I would like to extend my compliments of what a fine web page you've created for the art of improvisation. It gave me a chance to hear the voice of Spolin and read the wisdom of one who has been hard at it for 30 years.

I was just wishing earlier today that someone would make an on-line manual of improvisation. A really instructive thing, I was thinking, would be to have on-line video clips of exemplifying and violating various rules. For instance, here's an excellent Justification (show clip), and here's a Negation (show clip) ...

You may be interested to know that I, too, started at the ARK, then moved to Chicago, studied at the Second City, Improv Olympic, etc., and then created several longform shows which have been produced all over the world. If you're interested, have a look at

I'm very proud of my Ark roots! My first big role was the lead in Woody Allen's God there in 1989 or so. I remember running into Brian Stack in Chicago and reminiscing about the Ark as well.

take care and drop a line if you have time.


Hello. I am an improvisor and improv director in Canada. This was great! It refreshed me on stuff I knew and gave me some excellent insights into other elements. Particularly fascinated by the theory of talking destroying the reality. What do you do with improvisors too scared to find the reality? Those who continue to destroy what has been established? Any tips would be welcome. Thanx.


What a great website. Thanks for all of the helpful hints!