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Letters to the editor
Some of these articles have generated letters to the editor. My favorite part of any magazine or newspaper--at least, it’s the part I always read first! Look below to see if there’s a response posted for a given article.

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Title Nine Sports

When I lived in Los Angeles, I worked as a temp slave in human resources (note the irony?) at the corporate headquarters of trendwear honchos Contempo Casuals. The hardest job to fill--literally--was....

Sweet as sugar

"Sweet pepper" is a contradiction in terms, if you stop and think about it. Peppers, the hot pods from South America, were so named because....


Libby’s canned the pumpkin in 1929, but one might wonder what for... there’s no match for the fabulous flavor of pie made from a freshly cooked, ripe pumpkin.

Internet Book Quarterly Q&A: Pagan origins of Christmas customs

The sun god Mithras was born in a stable. His birth was attended by shepherds. Many comtemporary so-called Christian customs are survivals of solstice customs....

Cover story:
The new face of medicine

“Inhale,” says Dr. Zhou. Between immaculately groomed fingertips, Zhou holds an acupuncture needle: a sharpened shaft of wire two inches long and six times thicker than a human hair....

Meditation made easy

Rediscovering a spiritual practice from medieval Europe that makes meditation easy: walking a floor labyrinth.

A Serbian Christmas

...each year, we  celebrated Christmas twice: American-style, on Dec. 25, with presents, a tree and stories of Santa Claus, and on Jan. 7, according to Old World custom.

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My work has been published in the Wisconsin State Journal (section cover), Dane County KIDS (cover story), and Northside News. I’ve also made the front page of Creativity Connection, a locally-published writers’ newsletter with a national readership. This summer (2000) I have a piece coming out in Writer’s Forum, which is published by F&W, the publishers of Writer’s Digest.

Most often, my work has appeared in Isthmus, the weekly newspaper of Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve been a devoted reader of alternative weeklies since the late ‘70s: Baltimore’s City Paper, Philadelphia’s Welcomat (recently renamed the Philadelphia Weekly), the L.A. Weekly. And, since moving to Madison in 1992, Isthmus. I’m proud and happy now to be listed on the masthead as a contributing writer.

In fact, a sampling of my Isthmus stories is all that you’ll find on this Web site right now. The rest is coming soon. One of these days. Meantime, aren’t you glad I’m not subjecting you to one of those little yellow construction guy signs?

Here are some of my recently published articles. Click on a thumbnail or the article title to go to the full article. Hope you enjoy reading them!

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