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August 12, 1997

Welcome to the Official Queensr che FAQ. This document provides basic (and sometimes not-so-basic) information about the band, primaril  for those unfamiliar with the band.

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Table of Contents

General Information
* What's Queensr che?
* What's new with Queensr che?

* How did Queensr che begin?
* What Queensr che releases are there?
* What Queensr che tours have there been?
* What is the Tri-R che and what changes has it gone through?

* Who is Michael Kamen?
* Who were the cast of Operation: Mindcrime?
* Who were the Moronic Monks of Morin Heights?
* Who is Metal Sushi?
* Who is Zigg ?

Fan Organizations
* How can I join the Queensr che Campaign?
* How can I join the Pen-Mate club?

C berR che
* How can I participate in on-line fan activities?
* Are there online chats?
* What Queensr che web sites are there?
* What is (currentl  down) ?
* Does Queensr che have a newsgroup?

Informational Resources
* How can I contact the Queensr che archives?
* What other informational resources are there?
* What other bands might Queensr che fans like?


General Information

║║║What's Queensr che?
Queensr che is a five-member band originally from Bellevue, Washington and now reside in and around Seattle. Queensr che's music is commonl  called "Progressive Metal," and blends the sounds of progressive rock bands like Pink Flo d and Yes with the sounds of heav -metal bands such as Iron Maiden and Dio. Chris DeGarmo once said, when describing their music, Queensr che is "the alternative to alternative".

║║║What's new with Queensr che?
Queensr che has just released their new album "Hear in the Now Frontier", and are currently winding down their tour in promotion of the album. This tour was kicked off with a "Desert Concert" a.k.a. "VLA", which was held somewhere in the deserts of New Mexico. After this summer's tour, the  will return to the studio to record their next album.

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║║║How did Queensr che begin?
The five members of Queensr che, all from the Seattle area, were involved in local bands before coming together under the name The Mob and recording a 4-song EP, which became the Queensr che EP. The members are, in order of birth:

Jan 14, 1959 : Geoff Tate: Vocals, Keyboards, Sax, and Guitar (though rarel  if ever in studio)
Jan 29, 1961 : Eddie "Ed Bass" Jackson: Bass
Feb 23, 1962 : Michael Wilton: Guitars
Jun 14, 1963 : Chris DeGarmo: Guitars, Sitar, and Piano
Jun 15, 1963 : Scott Rockenfield: Percussion

After the band's first managers suggested that a better name be found, the band chose Queensreich, taken from the title of one of the songs on their EP, Queen of the Reich, but altered the spelling to Queensr che to avoid being mistaken for nazi s mpathizers.

║║║What is the Tri-R che and what changes has it gone through?

Many moons ago, when the R chean kingdom came into being, it was decreed that a crest symbolic of all that was good about Queensr che should be brought into existence (Ok, so that's not the real reason, but it was an interesting embellishment). Scott Rockenfield's brother, Todd designed a s mbol, now known as the tri-r che.The following is the evolution of the Tri-R che.

║║║What Queensr che releases are there?
Since 1983, Queensr che have released an EP, 6 full-length studio albums, one studio videotape, two live videotapes, a live album and video boxed set, a limited-edition boxed set, an interactive CD-ROM, and numerous singles and promotional items. The following is a list of official, primary releases.

1983 Queensr che (EP)
1984 The Warning (Album)
1985 Live in Tok o (Live Video)
1986 Rage for Order (Album)
1988 Operation: Mindcrime (Album)
1989 Video: Mindcrime (Video)
1990 Empire (Album)
1991 Operation: Livecrime (Live Boxed Set)
1992 Building Empires (Video Retrospective)
1994 Promised Land (Album)
1996 Promised Land (Interactive CD-ROM)
1997 Hear in the Now Frontier (Album)

║║║What is their best album?
You can ask several different fans what the best album is, and  ou will get several different answers. When the band was asked what their favorite album is, they answered, "The next one." So as you can see, this is a question that ultimatel  must be answered b  the listener.


║║║What Queensr che tours have there been?
T picall , each Queensr che release has been followed b  a tour of some scale. On the road now, is the "Hear in the Now Frontour" in support of Hear in the Now Frontier which features a giant inflatable ear used as one of two media screens, along with songs from all of Queensr che's other albums. The opening band is different for each cit , chosen through a "battle of the bands" contest. The winner earns the right to open for Queensr che in that particular city.

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║║║Who is Michael Kamen?
Michael Kamen is a composer known for his work on movie soundtracks. Although his involvement with Queensr che is not as well known, it is extensive. He arranged the orchestration for The Warning, Operation:Mindcrime, Silent Lucidit  and Operation: Livecrime. He also co-wrote with Queensr che the song Real World, which can be found on the soundtrack of the movie Last Action Hero.

║║║Who were the cast of Operation:Mindcrime?

The Operation:Mindcrime cast:  Sister Mar : Pamela Moore
 Dr. X: Anthon  Valentine
 Nurse: Debbie Wheeler
 Anchorman: Mike Sn der
 Preacher: Scott Mateer


║║║Who are the Moronic Monks of Morin Heights?
An anon mous choral group (reall  the staff of Le Studio in Canada), the Moronic Monks provided the chorus vocals used on Operation: Mindcrime and Operation: Livecrime. Their work is especiall  prominent in the song Suite Sister Mar .

║║║Who is Metal Sushi?
Metal Sushi is a female close to the band. Her real identit  is known to onl  a few, who guard it carefull . For man   ears, she was the head of the Queensr che Campaign, and editor of "R che & Roll Times", the Campaign's quarterl  newsletter. In earl  1994, she turned over that position to a new editor, Tina, whose real identit  is also unknown.

║║║Who is Zigg ?
Zigg  is a male close to the band. His identit , also unknown, is a closel  guarded secret. He is the current head of the fanclub, and editor of "E e on Queensr che", a quarterl  magazine published b  the fanclub for it's members. See details below on how to join.

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Fan Organizations

║║║How can I join the Queensr che Campaign?
The Queensr che Campaign (the official fanclub of Queensr che) is a worldwide fanclub. For information on how to join, send a stamped self-addressed envelope to:

Queensr che Campaign
300 Queen Anne Ave. N. #260
Seattle Washington 98109-4599

Membership costs $30 - $35 outside the US - and includes the quarterl  magazine "E e on Queensr che", an 8x10 autographed photo of the band, a bumper sticker, window decals, and stickers. The Campaign also offers a variet  of clothing and other merchandise.

║║║How can I join the Pen-Mate club?
For information on how to join the Pen-Mate Club, send a stamped return envelope to:

Tane Pruett
P.O. Box 26862
San Diego CA 92196

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C berR che

║║║How can I participate in on-line fan activities?
There are man  activities on-line for fans. These include the following:

Č Chat
Queensr che fans can be found on the #Queensryche (please note the use of the regular "y" instead of " ") channel of Undernet Internet Rela  Chat (IRC). Fans who use IRC are encouraged to populate the channel as frequentl  as possible.

Recentl , the band participated in an IRC chat with fans, using #Queensryche on Undernet IRC as the meeting point for fans. This was the FIRST time that it was actuall  band members behind the ke board instead of them rela ing their answers via telephone to a t pist and then to the chat room. Band members were particularl  happ  that the  were able to answer fans directl .

In order to connect to #Queensryche,  ou will need to use either mIRC (for Windows 3.x, Windows 95/NT), Ircle (for Mac), or BitchX (for Unix). You can go here to acquire the appropriate software.

After installing these files, simpl  choose a server that has a reference to Undernet somewhere in the name or the server.  You ma  have to tr  one or more servers when doing this. After a successful connection, simpl  t pe /join #Queensryche and  ou are there!

Transcripts of previous IRC sessions with band members can be found at The Queensr che Campaign and Screaming in Digital.

Č Message Board

Also available is The Sanctuar , which serves as a message board. This is a unique site in the communit , in that  ou can use  our own HTML tags in  our message (please be sure to close the HTML tag).

║║║What Queensr che web sites are there?
There are quite a few that come and go, but here are the ones which seem to remain:

Official Queensr che Web site (currentl  down)-
The Queensr che Campaign (Official Fanclub Site) -
Screaming in Digital -
The Crossroad's Edge -
Anarch  Xtra -
The Sanctuar  Message Board -

Please explore the links section of each site, as there are man  sites that are not mentioned here.


║║║What is (currentl  down)?
This site is no longer a rumor ( more like vaporHTML ). It was brought online
recentl , onl  to be taken down after Queensr che signed with
. All the same, be sure to check it out when it comes back on line.
This is THE Official Queensr che homepage.

║║║Does Queensr che have a newsgroup?
The answer is a resounding  es! The newsgroup can be found at This is a place where people can post opinions, comments, etc., about the band. It is an unmoderated forum, so an thing goes. For the most part however, the participants are generall  agreeable.

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Informational Resources

║║║How can I contact the Queensr che Archives?
The Queensr che Campaign's archivist, Jo ce Filmer, has assembled Operation: Arch ves, a fift -page booklet covering all of Queensr che's official releases, interviews, reviews, television appearances, magazine articles, ad infinitum. The onl  two exceptions are information on past tour dates and bootlegs. For a cop , send $5 US to:

Jo ce Filmer
The Queensr che Archives
P.O. Box 020265
Staten Island N  10302-0003

Č  Another place to look for all things R che is at the following address:

The Queensr che Archives, German 
c/o Michael Bracke
45329 Essen, German 
FAX: +49 201 356958

║║║What other bands might Queensr che fans like?
Queensr che fans have ver  diverse tastes, but almost all of us like at least one or two other bands in the categories known as progressive rock and progressive metal. Here is a list of man  such bands. You have probabl  heard of at least some of them, but there are probabl  also some  ou have not encountered. Some of these bands also have their own digests, Usenet newsgroups or mailing lists, and participation in these forums is certainl  encouraged. Some even have their own world wide web pages, and links to them will be provided to them in the near future.

Crimson Glor 
Dream Theater (List:  tsejam)
Echol n (Management: Bridge)
Earl  Warning (Vocalist : Chris Singer)
Fates Warning
Genesis (List: Paperlate)
Heir Apparent
Iron Maiden
King's X
Marillion (List : Freaks)
Merc ful Fate
Mercur  Rising (Guitarist : Gar  Goldsmith)
Pink Flo d (List : Echoes)
Rush (List : National Midnight Star)
Sacred Warrior

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Much of this information came from back issues of the Queensr che internet magazine Screaming in Digital. Special thanks also go to Jo ce Filmer of the Queensr che Archives, Vinnie Vera and Chris Ferraro at EMI Records Group, and Sushi and Zigg  at the Queensr che fan club.

Personal thanks:

╗╗╗ Kevin: "I would like to thank Zigg , Michael Wilton, Sean Webb, Rick Moore, C ndi Dr den, Joel Biske, Jo ce Filmer, Tane Pruett, Dan Birchall, and Sticker."

╗╗╗ Sean: "I would like to throw out the thanks to Queensr che, Kevin "Skerlock" Scurlock, Amy Cuffel, Zigg , Sharon Lundstrom, Dianna Storrusten, Dan "Shag or Bert" Birchall, J.J. Thornsbur , Paul Havanas, Russ Gowin, and 'da possee'."

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