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I suppose our first sponsor was (somewhat unknowingly) the City of Knoxville, who made the Candy Factory building space available to local non-profit groups free of charge. We met there for about two and a half years, before having to move when the Candy Factory was sold for private development. The current sponsor of our meeting space is the YMCA of East Tennessee. We are very grateful to them for allowing us to use their space two or three times each month. (If you come juggle with us, let the YMCA know you appreciate their hospitality.)

An additional business I would like to mention is Gballz. Mr. Gregory Poche (owner of Gballz) sent three samples of his products so that folks at the Knoxville Juggling Club could try them out and see what they liked. As there are very few prop vendors around the East Tennessee area, I sincerely appreciate Mr. Poche providing his time and resources to provide us this benefit. Check out Gballz here.

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