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1997 - Tom Kulaga, Ian Blackburn, and a few other Knoxville area jugglers start getting together every Tuesday evening to have some fun with this art / sport. Attendance grows to six or seven on a regular basis.

2000 (+ or - 1) - Somewhere in this time range other priorities came calling on the various jugglers, prompting the gradual decline in attendance of the juggling club. The club eventually goes "dormant".

March, 2002 - Having gained an interest in juggling during the past year or so, Doug Reed found a website for the Knoxville Juggling Club, and he and his oldest son went to a meeting just to watch. No one was at the meeting. On contacting Ian Blackburn, the website owner, it was learned that the club had originally started meeting in 1997, but was no longer active. The website was quickly revised to reflect this status.

May, 2003 - Growing tired of juggling by himself, and despairing of ever learning to pass clubs, Doug contacted Ian for information about how the club used to work. Ian provided a number of details, such as space arrangements and e-mail addresses of local jugglers.

June, 2003 - A solicitation of interest is sent to ten e-mail addresses, with a resulting response from four individuals. Arrangements are begun to reserve meeting space in the Candy Factory building in downtown Knoxville.

August, 2003 - The Knoxville Juggling Club resumes meeting for the first time in a couple of years. Attendance is a grand total of one.

Fall, 2003 - Interest grows in the club, and three people (Doug, Jimmy, and Glen) become regulars, with a number of other jugglers showing up on occasion. Michael M shows up every month or so to inspire us to continue practicing (although seven balls is still a ways off for most of us...)

Fall, 2004 - Jimmy goes off to college at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. With his absence, the club losses a high quality club passer.

2005 - The club begins to gel, with a number of regular attendees.

Summer 2005 - The Candy Factory building where the club meets is considered for sale by the City of Knoxville to a private developer. The club will have to find a new home at some time in the not-to-distant future.

November 2005 - The East Tennessee YMCA agrees to allow the club to begin meeting in December at the Lindsay Young Downtown YMCA. First meeting at the new location is set for December 2005.

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