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HELLO.   My name is Brandon Hargroves. I have Cystic Fibrosis, which is a very serious disorder that affects my life. It is genetic so you can't "catch" it. At birth I had three surgeries and had about a third of my intestines removed. I have had 6 sinus surgeries and will soon have another one. I take many medicines. I can't digest my food without my enzymes. I spend between 2 to 3 hours each day doing breathing treatments. I take lots of medicines and antibiotics. I take Pulmozyme and TOBI, which are both VERY expensive. I have had many IVs for about 2 weeks each - both at home and the hospital. I got a port-a-cath in March of 2001. Someday I may have to have a lung transplant. I am trying to save up money for my medical expenses. If you would like to help please email my mom or dad at our email address and we will email you back how you can help. Thank you for reading about "Brandon's World".

Don, Sherry, and Brandon Hargroves:

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Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is the most common lethal genetic disorder in the United States and there is no cure. It affects children and young adults causing chronic infections. If you would like to help find a cure or learn more about CF you can contact the following sources:


Cystic Fibrosis Foundation:
(865) 583-0355 phone
(865) 588-9699 fax
(800) 824-5061 for email for browsing

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