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Carl family.JPG (30775 bytes)Welcome to Carl and Ann Van Gheem web site!

Carl and Ann are involved in many different projects.  We will use this site to help develop these projects and pass on information about subjects that are important to us.

We are rural Wisconsin farmers.  We raise American Lineback Cattle.  We recently sold our milk cows to a local farmer that is milking them with robotic milkers.  Soon I will put pictures on the site of the robots milking.

We still raise heifers, breeding bulls and steers.  We are selling the heifers as they are ready to freshen.  We also sell Lineback, Whitebelt and Holstein semen.

Please visit the following sites to learn more about Lineback Cattle. 

Msn Community Site- Lineback Dairy Cattle

American Lineback Dairy Cattle Registry

Besides Carl and Ann enjoying traveling, Carl is also a very dedicated hunter and fisherman.   Shortly, pictures of Lineback cattle, traveling sites, and deer, etc. will be added.
Some 2001 Hunting season pictures have been added, see Hunting pictures.

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